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BIO: Vancouver's own Brass Camel, a one-of-a-kind quintet that blends 70's prog, funk, and blues rock into a fresh and original sound. Born in early 2018, the group is the brainchild of Daniel James, who began touring at age 11 and has performed with Les Paul and at NYC's Apollo Theater. Since the release of their debut the group has been on a hot-streak of packed Vancouver shows and has shared the stage with groups such as Big Sugar, Songhoy Blues, Hey Ocean in such venues as the Commodore Ballroom and Rickshaw Theatre. Technical junkies, blues lovers, and funk groovers can all find common ground as they ride the rocking sounds of the Camel.  The group released their debut LP in September of 2022 and will be seeking relentlessly expand their audience in 2023.

"I'm a big Brass Camel believer right now and the fact that they're from me, I mean that's just a bonus. Man, they're good worldwide so I've gotta say that's probably my favourite dude in Canada right now."

-Gordie Johnson, Big Sugar/Grady



"This Vancouver based triad of musical masterminds have crafted an album that will without failure stand the test of time, and you’d regret it if you didn’t grant it a thorough listening."

"The beauty of this album is Brass Camel’s ability to traverse seamlessly through myriad soundscapes. They never lose the audience as they perform perfectly as conductors on this musical train ride of engaging sounds."


"In an age when music has become maddeningly predictable, you just gotta sit up and take notice when a band like Brass Camel comes along. Brass ties in beautifully with so many bands and songs that I already enjoy but it's a totally fresh and thrilling adventure at the same time. These guys show no fear and this album is the BALLS. Rock and roll is exciting again."


"Channeling a signature blend of blues, funk, and 70s prog rock, Brass Camel’s grasp of rhythmic texture and song composition create a daring synthesis of musical energy that turns genre conventions on their head. A dash of Queen, a sprinkle of Parliament-Funkadelic, and a splash of Rush are infused to create an infectious cocktail of unforgettable sound encapsulating Brass Camel’s vision for “Easy.”


"Answering the question of what Kamasi Washington would sound like if he played for Dream Theater, Vancouver’s Brass Camel are a tight musical collective determined to supply audiences with a new harmonic experience that transcends the traditional confines of music. The band are out to change the game with their revelatory debut album due out later this year."



"You’ve got Frank Zappa and The Mothers at the height of their twisted prog-rock powers on albums like Over-Nite Sensation, Apostrophe (‘) and One Size Fits All. You’ve got the wah-wah-stomp boogie and blues-rock of Steve Marriott and Humble Pie. And you’ve got traces of everyone from Stevie Wonder and Sly Stone to Janis Joplin and Little Feat. Which means you’ve got a band that can — and does — tear the roof off the sucker."


"Mark my words, get to know this band now, because they are only getting started, and they are truly a major musical force to be reckoned with, as this fine album attests. Their funkadelic prog is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. DJBC is the real deal: talent to burn, and songs that blaze into glory like the most majestic of fireworks. Long live rock!"

Daniel Sveinson

Seeking representation/distribution.

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